The Butterfly Wheel by Keith Short
The Butterfly Wheel

Jake Vickers lives life in the fast lane. He works hard, leads a frenetic social life and has a reputation as a womaniser. Everything is going for him – until a motorcycle accident leaves him wheelchair-bound.

With the help of his regular partner, Everly, he rebuilds his life – yet he can’t resist philandering again and this time, there are consequences.

He attracts a stalker, and while at first it seems innocuous it turns macabre when first one casual girlfriend and then another is viciously murdered. Jake is in the frame as prime suspect. He is struggling to keep the police at bay and, if he can’t clear his name soon, imprisonment for murder is looking likely.

Life is worse than ever, until, out of the blue, help appears from the most surprising quarter. Everly shows skills he didn’t know she had. The three of them together can prove his innocence – but only by uncovering the identity of the sinister predator known as Mannequin.


Sometimes wealth doesn’t insulate you against the shocks and surprises of life…
A businessman returns from an overseas trip to find his world has been turned upside down. Who is that woman claiming to be his wife? Who are the mysterious estate agents?


Master of Starlight

Leon Dabrowski is an outstanding physicist, a genius to those who know him. When he makes an astonishing breakthrough at a nuclear research facility, he realises that the world sits on the cusp of unlimited energy for the foreseeable future. However, Leon and his technical colleagues receive no accolades, no rewards. Instead they are dragged into the murky world of industrial espionage and treated like criminals, while Leon’s fiancée, the gifted mathematician Magda Tomala, finds herself a prisoner in a subterranean sexual fantasy complex.

How can Leon find his beloved Magda? Abandoning his vital work, he must assist a Polish special police unit in their attempts to smash an international sex trafficking operation.

Working undercover from within an emerging London cult society, Leon discovers a sophisticated world of prostitution for the super-rich. But by now, he is a fugitive. Everyone wants to know the whereabouts of Leon Dabrowski: the oligarch he works for, his beleaguered colleagues, the madam of a brothel owned by the Russian mafiya…dangerous people are hunting for him. And there is one among them who harbours a shocking secret about Leon’s early life.

Master of Starlight crime novel by Keith Short
Leon Dabrowski Thriller Elixer of Time
Elixir of Time

Leon Dabrowski is a gifted nuclear scientist who has provided the world with a safe and clean form of energy. When his family is intimidated by a sinister criminal cartel, he has no option but to bow to their demands and take his immense intellectual prowess to the North Korean peninsula. There he is expected to work in a secret underground complex on the Republic’s thermonuclear weapons programme.

To make matters worse, the American CIA sees Leon’s misfortune as the perfect opportunity to uncover what the North Koreans are up to.

There are spanners to be thrown into the works, data to be smuggled… life-and-death decisions to be made. Leon must steer a delicate path between placating a brutal and merciless regime, stemming the worldwide proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and securing his family’s safety.

But Leon has resources beyond his own brain. Not only can he think his way around the most devious means of coercion, but his father is Russia’s richest oligarch with the most powerful private security force on the planet and his wife is a brilliant and determined academic who isn’t going to stand by and watch her family being threatened and abused by these people. The gloves are off…


A brand-new series starring a cop who is confident in his ability as a detective yet, as a result of his rapid progression through the ranks, attracts scorn and derision from his peers. He understands their jealousy and knows the cruel names they call him behind his back are sometimes justified. However, behind that placid façade is a man of steel who harbours a dark secret. The villains around Gloucestershire don’t know what’s going to hit them – literally!

Book 1, set mainly in Cheltenham, should be out in 2023… If you join my email list, I’ll keep you updated (but not too often, I promise).

Thomas Hurley novel series from Keith Short